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This Chair has benefited from corporate funding amounting to 120,000 € p.a. over the last years, comprising Steering Committee composed of major French corporations and NGOs (e.g., SNCF - French Rail, L’Occitane, WWF). Chair members have carried out research, for example, into organisational issues raised when implementing a responsible purchasing function, factors preventing responsible purchasing policies, or the impact of labels on responsible purchasing practice.

A major recent project, led by Professor S. D’Antone, on “Aesthetics and its impact on Fruits & Vegetables consumption and waste” is run in collaboration with InVivo AgroSolutions (the first French group of cooperatives).

The chair has been very active in disseminating research results to the public. For example, it published a “Guide to responsible purchasing” for distribution to industry. Ce guide identifie les freins et leviers à la mise en place d’une stratégie d’achats responsables. Il propose un plan d’action très pragmatique, pour aider les acheteurs et managers souhaitant rendre leurs pratiques achats plus responsables à éviter les erreurs classiques et à se donner plus de chances de réussir, quelle que soit la nature de leur organisation (TPE, PME ou grande entreprise, secteur public ou privé, ONG…).

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