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Ralf Barkemeyer est professeur en responsabilité sociétale d'entreprise et chef du centre d'excellence RSE. Avant de rejoindre KEDGE, Ralf a travaillé comme chercheur et professeur à l'Université de Leeds et à Queen’s University Belfast où il a obtenu son doctorat en 2010. Ses recherches portent sur l'interface de l'entreprise, l'environnement et la société. Il est particulièrement intéressé par le lien entre la RSE et le développement international ainsi que par l'évaluation de la performance durable des entreprises. Ralf a publié dans les revues académiques telles que Nature Climate Change, Journal of World Business ou Business Ethics Quarterly. Il est membre de Higher Education Academy (Royaume-Uni) et rédacteur adjoint de Business Ethics: European Review.

    Publications récentes
    Publication Année de publication Type de publication
    Barkemeyer, R., Givry, P., Figge, F. (2018). Trends and Patterns in Sustainability-related Media Coverage: Classifying Issue-level Attention. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 36 (5), 937-962 DOI: 10.1177/2399654417732337 2018 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R., Preuss, L. & Ohana, M. (2018). Developing country firms and the challenge of corruption: Do company commitments mirror the quality of national-level institutions. Journal of Business Research, 90, May, 26-39 2018 Article académique
    Chintakayala P.K., Young C.W., Barkemeyer R. & Morris, M. (2018). Breaking niche sustainable products out into the mainstream: the cases of organic milk and free range eggs. Business Strategy and the Environment, 27 (7), 1039-1051 2018 Article académique
    Renzi, B., Cotton, M., Napolitano, G., Barkemeyer, R. (2017). Rebirth, devastation and sickness: analyzing the role of metaphor in media discourses of nuclear power. Environmental Communication, 11 (5), 624-640 2017 Article académique
    Young, W., Russell, S.V., Robinson, C.A., Barkemeyer, R. (2017). Can Social Media be a Tool for Reducing Consumers’ Food Waste? A behaviour change experiment by a UK retailer. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 117, 195-203. 2017 Article académique
    Younga, C. W, Russella, S. V., Barkemeyer, R. (2017), Social media is not the ‘silver bullet’ to reducing household food waste, a response to Grainger and Stewart. Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 122, July, 405–406 2017 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R., Figge, F., Hoepner, A., Holt, D., Kraak, J., Yu, P.S. (2017). Media Coverage of Climate Change: An International Comparison. Environment and Planning C: Governance and Policy, 35 (6), 1029-1054 2017 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R. (2017). Climate policy: Uncovering ocean-related priorities. Nature Climate Change, doi:10.1038/nclimate3423 2017 Article académique
    Preuss, L., Barkemeyer, R., & Glavas, A. "Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Country Multinationals: Identifying Company and Country-level Influences", Business Ethics Quarterly, Forthcoming 2016 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R., Dessai, S., Monge-Sanz, B., Renzi, B., & Napolitano, G. 2016. A linguistic analysis of IPCC Summaries and its coverage in scientific and popular media, Nature Climate Change, 6(3): 311-316 2016 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R. & Liesen, A. 2015. Stakeholders of Responsible Investment - The Natural environment, in: Beinisch, N., Hawley, J. P., Hebb, T., Hoepner, A. G. F. & Wood, D. (eds.) The HandBook of Responsible Investment. London: Routledge, 544-552. 2015 Chapitre
    Ralf BARKEMEYER ; Lutz PREUSS ; Frank FIGGE « The Headquartering Effect in International CSR », In: Jamali, D; Karam C; Blowfield M (Eds), Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Vol. 1 Multinational Corporations and the Global Context, Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing, July 2015, 256 p. ISBN 978-1-78353-476-0 2015 Chapitre
    Figge, F., Hahn, T., & Barkemeyer, R. (2014) The If, How and Where of Assessing Sustainable Resource Use. Ecological Economics, Vol. 105, 274-283. 2015 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R., Preuss, L., & Lee, L. (2015) On the effectiveness of private transnational governance regimes - Evaluating corporate sustainability reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative. Journal of World Business, Vol. 50, Issue 2, 312-325. 2015 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R., Stringer, L.C., Hollins, J.A., & Josephi, F. (2015) Corporate reporting on solutions to wicked problems: Sustainable land management in the mining sector. Environmental Science & Policy, Vol. 48, 196-209. 2015 Article académique
    Barkemeyer, R., Preuss, L., & Lee, L. 2015. Corporate Reporting on Corruption: An International Comparison. Accounting Forum, 39(4): 349-365. 2015 Article académique
    Ralf BARKEMEYER ; Frank FIGGE ; Tobias HAHN ; Andreas G. S. HOEPNER ; Andrea LIESEN ; Agnes L. NEHER, "Operationalizing Socially Responsible Investment: A Non-Financial Fiduciary Duty Problem", In J. P. Hawley, A. G. F. Hoepner, K. L. Johnson, J. Sandberg, & E. J. Waitzer (Eds.), Cambridge HandBook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty,Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 364-377, April 2014 2014 Chapitre
    Barkemeyer, B., Comyns, B., Figge, F. & Napolitano, G. (2014) CEO statements in sustainability reports: Substantive information or background noise? Accounting Forum, Vol. 38, Issue 4, 241-257. 2014 Article académique
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