Marcello RUSSO


Professeur Associé, Università di Bologna - Italie, Professeur Affilié Kedge Business School

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    Publications récentes
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    Kraak, J., Russo, M. & Jimenez, A. (2018). Work-life balance psychological contract perceptions for older workers. Personnel Review, 47 (6), 1194-1210 2018 Article académique
    Russo, M., Bergami, M., Morandin, G. (2018). Surviving a Day without Smartphones. Mit-Sloan Management Review, Winter, 7-9 2018 Article académique
    Russo, M., Ollier-Malaterre, A., Kossek, E.E. & Ohana, M. (2018). Boundary Management Permeability and Relationship Satisfaction in Dual-Earner Couples: The Asymmetrical Gender Effect. Frontiers in Psychology, September, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.01723 2018 Article académique
    Russo, M., Buonocore, F., Carmeli, A., Guo, L. (2018). When family supportive supervisors meet employees'need for caring: Implications for work-family enrichment and thriving. Journal of Management, 44 (4), 1678-1702 2018 Article académique
    Bosch, M. J., Las Heras, M., Russo, M., Rofcanin, Y., Grau i Grau, M. (2018). How context matters: The relationship between family supportive supervisor behaviours and motivation to work moderated by gender inequality. Journal of Business Research, 82, January, 46–55 2018 Article académique
    Russo, M., Shteigman, A., & Carmeli, A. (2016). Workplace and family support and work–life balance: Implications for individual psychological availability and energy at work. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 11(2), 2016, pp. 173–188. doi:10.1080/17439760.2015.1025424 2016 Article académique
    Marcello RUSSO ; Filomena BUONOCORE ; Abraham CARMELI ; Liang GUO, "When family supportive supervisors meet employees'need for caring: Implications for work-family enrichment and thriving", Journal of Management, DOI: 10,1177/0149206315618013 2016 Article académique
    Carmeli, A., & RUSSO, M. The power of micro-moves in cultivating regardful relationships: Implications for work-home enrichment and thriving. Human Resource Management Review, vol. 26, n°2, June 2016, pp. 112-124. doi: 10.1016/j.hrmr.2015.09.007 2016 Article académique
    Russo M. (2015). Work-home enrichment and health: An analysis of mediating role of persistence in goal striving and vulnerability to stress. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(19), 2486–2502 2015 Article académique
    BUONOCORE, F., RUSSO, M., FERRARA, M. « Work-Family Conflict and Job Insecurity: Are Workers from Different Generations Experiencing True Differences?», Community, Work & Family, 18(3), 2015, pp. 299-316. 2015 Article académique
    Russo, M., Buonocore, F., & Ferrara, M. (2015) Motivational mechanisms influencing error reporting among nurses. Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 30, No. 2, 118-132. 2015 Article académique
    Haar, J. M., Russo, M., Sune, A., & Ollier-Malaterre, A. (2014) Outcomes of work-life balance on job satisfaction, life satisfaction and mental health: A study across seven cultures. Journal of Vocational Behavior, vol. 85, n°3, December 2014, pp. 361–373 2014 Article académique
    Russo, M., Guo, L., & Baruch, Y. (2014) Work attitudes, career success and health: Evidence from China. Journal of Vocational Behavior, vol. 84, n°3, June 2014, pp. 248-258 2014 Article académique
    Buonocore, F., Russo, M., & Roberson, L. (2014) Il diversity training per il superamento degli stereotipi nell'organizzazione. Sviluppo & Organizzazione, No. 257, 42–54. 2014 Article académique
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