Comptabilité, Finance, Economie

Professeur Associé, Cornell University - USA, Professeur Affilié Kedge Business School

    Publications récentes
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    Ho S.T., Ifft J.E., Rickard B.J. & Turvey C.G. (2018). Alternative strategies to manage weather risk in perennial fruit crop production. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 47 (53), December, 452-476 2018 Article académique
    Rickard, B., Gergaud, O., Shuay-Tsyr Ho, S.-T., Livat, F. (2018). Trade liberalization in the presence of domestic regulations: Impacts of the EU-U.S. free trade agreement on wine markets. Applied Economics, 50 (18), 2028-2047 2018 Article académique
    Gergaud, O., Livat, F., Rickard, B., Warzynski, F. (2017). Evaluating the net benefits of collective reputation: The case of Bordeaux Wine. Food Policy, 71, August, 8–16 2017 Article académique
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